Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Back to school and new additions

The kids are back to school!  This means I have more time to create, sew and everything else.  Although, it feels a little weird having the time to do all these without anyone demanding for your  attention.  Somehow I feel lonesome :(  But hey, I will get use to it. With that said.  I did nothing this morning but promote and fix my blog.   Check out my new additions to my shop.

See you on the next post

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Blog feature

Please check out my blog feature on JP with love blog.  Thanks for the support :)

Addicted to VBALL

For the last few weeks, I have been to trying to get involved with beach volleyball. What a fun sport.  I haven't played volleyball in a loooooong time and I am a bit rusty.  I have always wanted to try beach volleyball and finally tried it during our vacation at Laguna Beach here in Southern California.  I bought myself a volleyball from a store right by the beach and casually played with a group who was nice enough to let me play.  As soon as we got home from our vacation I signed up with a group who meets casually on the week-end and can't wait to meet up.  Yesterday, I went to the beach did a pick-up game and gosh... i need get back to the swing of things.  My arms and legs are sore from hitting and running on the sand, but I will prevail!!!!