Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Back to sewing and designing clothes !!!

After taking a break in making and designing clothes, I am back at it again.  Last year I mostly concentrated on making fun and funky accessories for my shop on Etsy.  I am now at 21 sales! It is not much,  but I am hopeful that the sales will go up.

This New Year, I am introducing my Princess Tube Tops.  These tube tops are very cute and fun to wear.  They have an attached sleeves to the tube top diminishing the need to constantly re-adjusting the top as we all have experienced with a regular tube top. 

Princess Tube Top  (BELLE style) - Size Small

I currently have two styles of my Princess Tube Tops on my Etsy shop. They are the BELLE and the ARIEL styles.  I named them after the Disney Princesses because I feel like one when I wear mine. With the cute little sleeves around your upper arm makes you feel like one for sure. More will come as I finished creating them.

Princess Tube Top (Ariel Style) - Size Small