Thursday, June 27, 2013

So it has been such a long, long , long time since I posted on my blog. Part of it is having no time and the other part, well-- let's just say laziness.  I initially started blogging when I opened my shop on Etsy.  Almost every advised I received in order to market my shop is to do social networking. So  I did. I started this blog, FB, twitter --- you name it. I signed up to quite a few, but  my social networking dwindled after a while.  I guess I really didn't know how to prioritize or manage my time doing them.  It came to a point where I just didn't to them anymore. It was a struggle for me.

It has been many months and here I am again.  I am going to tackle social networking once again, but this time with a better mindset (i think) and approach. I told myself -- use social networking as a way to just share my interest with others, my work, hobbies and experiences (hence the title "social networking") and vice versa to the people who follows me. What ever happens after that -- will be.

So this is when it starts.......