Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New finds!

I was checking out my activity feed on Etsy as I do about  gazillion times in a day and found this.  What a neat idea to make nursing pads more funky and modern.  I wish I had these when I was breast feeding instead of using those white ones you get from the drug store.  Who said you can't be fashionable while breast feeding.  Too late for me now, but for those of you who are thinking of having babies, check these nursing pads first before buying the boring white ones (at least that's my opinion).

Organic Nursing Pads/ Breast Pads w Bamboo and PUL/ 10 pads/ COMPLEMENTARY SHIPPING

Here is the link:

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A wedding proposal

This item I found on Etsy makes me want to be proposed to again. Check it out

Will You Marry Me Hidden Message Teacup


Vintage feel

Here are some of my newbies from my Etsy shop.  These fabrics have that vintage look/feel to it.  Enjoy :)






I signed up for craft show that is coming up in the next 2 weeks only to find out last night that can't make it.  I have been preparing for this show and am very much excited about it since I haven't vend in while.  The venue seems nice and I was looking forward to meeting fellow Etsians and San Diego artists.

My son's team is currently the number 1 team in the Rec. Basketball and they are having the playoffs on the same day.  My son has excel in this sport and continues to do so and I wouldn't miss this game for anything. It is very important to him and myself to be there.

Someone stated before ( I can't remember who) that "being a parent is to be selfless".  I totally agree to this comment. It saddens me that I wouldn't make to craft show, but I will sadden me most not to be with my son during this important event.  Have to sacrifice my needs at this time.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Back from vacation

Two weeks away from my usual environment ---- ahhh!  What a vacation.  No work, no taking the kids to extra curricular activities, no cooking, no laundry etc.  It was nice to see the family as always. The children running back and forth, swimming and eating all have been fun to be a part of. My father-in-law, on his 70th birthday celebration, he did not fail to feed us all.  Despite the scorching weather, he is in front of the grill or stove cooking up a storm.  I know he loves to cook, but I sometimes wonder if he ever gets tired doing it.  We also heard a new talk radio show in my father-in-law's truck called "Good Morning Nanny" show.  It was funny as hell!  Glad we were able to catch it because it was a only being broadcast that morning----LOL.  Not really--- this is  an inside joke that you had to be there to really laugh out loud :)  Nanny is my mother-in-law :)

NYC was great! Saw Lion King on broadway. It was a good show, but I still like Beauty and the Beast the most. Walked the streets of Manhattan on a 90 degree weather--fun, but I don't really care for the humidity.  This is something my husband and I don't miss about living in NY.

My parents were just in awe of my kids.  They're constantly watching them taking mental pictures of every moment spent as our time runs out and it's time to head back home.  My mom-- constantly cooking as if fatigue doesn't hit her.  I am thankful that they are still very agile and independent.

The time to head back came and here I am blogging again.  As my son said " Can we rewind and start the vacation all over again?"  LOL