Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I signed up for craft show that is coming up in the next 2 weeks only to find out last night that can't make it.  I have been preparing for this show and am very much excited about it since I haven't vend in while.  The venue seems nice and I was looking forward to meeting fellow Etsians and San Diego artists.

My son's team is currently the number 1 team in the Rec. Basketball and they are having the playoffs on the same day.  My son has excel in this sport and continues to do so and I wouldn't miss this game for anything. It is very important to him and myself to be there.

Someone stated before ( I can't remember who) that "being a parent is to be selfless".  I totally agree to this comment. It saddens me that I wouldn't make to craft show, but I will sadden me most not to be with my son during this important event.  Have to sacrifice my needs at this time.

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