Friday, August 5, 2011

Back from vacation

Two weeks away from my usual environment ---- ahhh!  What a vacation.  No work, no taking the kids to extra curricular activities, no cooking, no laundry etc.  It was nice to see the family as always. The children running back and forth, swimming and eating all have been fun to be a part of. My father-in-law, on his 70th birthday celebration, he did not fail to feed us all.  Despite the scorching weather, he is in front of the grill or stove cooking up a storm.  I know he loves to cook, but I sometimes wonder if he ever gets tired doing it.  We also heard a new talk radio show in my father-in-law's truck called "Good Morning Nanny" show.  It was funny as hell!  Glad we were able to catch it because it was a only being broadcast that morning----LOL.  Not really--- this is  an inside joke that you had to be there to really laugh out loud :)  Nanny is my mother-in-law :)

NYC was great! Saw Lion King on broadway. It was a good show, but I still like Beauty and the Beast the most. Walked the streets of Manhattan on a 90 degree weather--fun, but I don't really care for the humidity.  This is something my husband and I don't miss about living in NY.

My parents were just in awe of my kids.  They're constantly watching them taking mental pictures of every moment spent as our time runs out and it's time to head back home.  My mom-- constantly cooking as if fatigue doesn't hit her.  I am thankful that they are still very agile and independent.

The time to head back came and here I am blogging again.  As my son said " Can we rewind and start the vacation all over again?"  LOL

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  1. Your stuff is beautiful! Kepp it up, just found you in the forums!