Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sharing heart felt moments

I came home from work yesterday and my husband started telling about his day with the kids.  Hiking, basketball practice for my little one and a pick-up basketball game for my eldest.  My eldest's coach for basketball was at the pick-up game chatting with husband and mentioned something that really touched my heart.  He said that during the draft day, every coach wanted my son on their team, however they didn't know his name.  Our coach remembered his number during the draft day and put that on his list. He told my husband that he was excited when he saw us during the first day of practice because he got what he wanted. I was so touched by this that it made me tear. The word proud is not enough to describe my emotions.  I do want to mention that the other team members are soooo amazing, as well. I am really impressed on how they have a handle of the sport; each having their own strength contributing to every game they play. Every game have been fun and some were very intense. I am not only proud of my son, but for the whole team. The emotional moment doesn't stop here.  As we were getting in the car to go out last night, my eldest assisted my youngest into his car seat.  My little one then kissed and hugged his brother and said, " I love you" and goes on to say, " he's my brother." Heart melter?   Oh gosh, my heart melted like chocolates :)  A mental picture that I will always remember.


  1. Amazing how the little moments in life are really much bigger than they seem. I still remember driving with my kids in the car when they were 2 and 5 (they are now in their mid twenties) and I asked my son a question, he was 2 at the time. I don't remember the question, I just remember him saying, "I don't know, ask Eso (he couldn't say Elyse), she knows everything!" He really meant it. So twenty years from now, you will still remember that moment and how special it was. Thanks for sharing....

  2. I remember those moments with my siblings, and I can definitely tell you that those little snippets of time are the most treasured moments of my life.

    You are very blessed :)

  3. Wow! It's the tiniest moments that mean so much sometimes. =) Heart melter for sure!!! Awesome!