Friday, July 8, 2011

Link your blog

I have been following bloggers and noticed something.  I wanted to follow those who have followed me. However, for some I can't follow because they don't have their link set up when I click their picture. The only things that show are the links they are following.  So please set up your link to your blog so that people can follow you as well, once they have followed you.  Here is how:

1. Follow a blogger.
2. The box with your picture on it will show up with the "follow this blog".
3. Before you click "follow this blog", click to "more options" right next to the box.
4. Your profile will appear with your picture. Click on "add links".
5. Add the URL for your blog, websites etc. then click "add"
6. Once you "add" your links will show.
7. Click "follow" on the same page to follow the blogger on number 1 above.

This way people can find you and follow your blogs or other sites.  Hope this helps.

thanks for stopping by.



  1. Thanks for the tip! I didn't see an option for mine to "add new links," but hopefully I'm linked up... Found you via etsy's blog team! Here's my blog, just in case:)

  2. Tabitha your link is on your profile when click on your picture under my followers. thank you