Thursday, July 14, 2011

A proud mama I am

I have two boys an 8 and an 4 year old who keep me and my husband on our toes constantly.  I have to admit that the moments that they make you sooo proud out weights all the times when they don't listen.

Benjamin, my 8 year old, is such a natural athlete.  He is currently at a rec. basketball and every week I look forward to seeing him play. For me there's no single word to describe how good he plays. All I can say is that he is an amazing, amazing player. Of course I can say that because he is my son :).   People have actually noticed him play and have come up to us complimenting his skills.  Of course as a parent, compliments about him make my heart swell.  He has been called fast and scrappy. He also has the interest in soccer, swimming and breakdancing; all of which he loves to do.

Mateo is my 4 year old.  He enjoys dancing.  He is currently at a hip hop class for toddlers and it has been amazing to see him engage with other kids and actually follow very simple dance routines.  The first time he actually follow through with a dance routine was 2 weeks ago.  Mateo was elated to have been able to follow the teacher and seeing him accomplished that made me tear.

As parents we have our battles with our children and we choose the ones to tackle.  But, it only takes one action, one word, one moment from their part to make you proud of your children that marks the heart.

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