Saturday, August 10, 2013

Summer vacation 2013 - LAST STOP - it took me little while to put this together, but here it is.

Sterling, MA

So, my journey alone in NYC came to an end. It was time to leave NYC and head to Sterling, MA where the family and I reunited. Saddened I had to leave NYC, wishing i could stay one more day to venture out and appreciate the city that never sleeps. But, all things come to an end. I took with me an experience that I will always remember. New memories to be hold on the next state on the agenda.

Sterling, MA is a suburban area where my in-laws live and where my husband partly grew up in. I call it the sticks! A big change coming from a city where noises, people and buildings filled my surroundings to a place where nature is present everywhere you look. I like coming here, though. I look forward to swimming on the lake with the kids (even though I am not a good swimmer), the food, and the family gathering that takes place every time we come home. The lake where my in-laws lake house is located is huge. Our day filled with kids fishing, rope swing and a boat ride. Even I did the rope swing for the second time in my lifetime. Sooooo much fun!

On this trip in particular, I was excited to go to a line dance that my mother-in-law and I always talked about. This year we made it a point to go. She and I had two days to ourselves to enjoy prior to the men  coming home from their camping trip from North Maine Woods. The day I arrived, she and I went. I was surprised that the venue was in an actual barn. This was a plus to me. The room were filled mostly with Seniors. I have to say I was proud of them in continuing to engage themselves in an activity that is not only fun, but very good for their balance and overall health. As a person who works with this age group, I was happy to see this. So the dance began, I was constantly watching the teacher to make sure I was getting the steps. Some steps where harder than others, but I think I did ok, overall.  My Nanny (a name I call my mother-in-law) did well, as well. She's a vet when it comes to line dancing. Our solitude ended, when the men came (LOL!).  They arrived and I was excited to see my boys. I have missed them so much! I haven't been away from all of them for that long. Hugs and kisses filled my in-laws drive way as soon I saw my boys ( and yes this included my husband).  We had a few days to enjoy the lake and the rest of the family before we head back home to San Diego.  That week-end, families came and a lot of catching up with cousins took place.

For our last adventure in Massachusettes, we took our boys to the Basketball Hall of Fame Museum. Here my boys enjoyed all of the activities the museum had to offer. My eldest Benjamin, won a free throw contest against men of all ages. He was very excited and we were very proud.

A lot were accomplished during our 3 weeks vacation. We would have loved to stay longer, but we did miss San Diego.  Although we are now back home, our vacation still continues as we enjoy what San Diego has to offer this summer.

Below are some pictures and a video from the line dancing night.

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