Wednesday, August 14, 2013

This is ME

Written the week of July 21,2013

This is ME

Who I am is the art that comes out of me. Not the degrees I have accomplished or the diplomas I had received in my lifetime nor the job I currently hold. I had finally realized today that I am an artist who wants to live the rest of my life filling myself and family with the gift I have. As I sit here thinking about the life I currently lead and the life I want to lead, a thought that I have been having for many months now - it hit me - I just want to live simply and live life as an artist. It is soo hard to explain what I feel. I have said this before, wanting to live simply, but this time somehow is different. My heart filled with joy, but not the kind of joy where you jump up and down; happy, but not the hahahahehee kind of happy. It is a very calm happiness as if my heart was drowning and tears started to flow. It felt weird, in a good way. This is what I am going to live for - my boys, husband (i love them beyond infinity - no words can describe how I much I love them) and my art. How I love my children is a form of art, where I help mold them to be good individuals. Everything else are just accessories (i.e. my job) for living in a society where I have to find a balance between my preferred lifestyle and to what is necessary ( to put food on the table, pay for my boys' activities and send them to school). My goal is not impossible, I will strive for it. I know that a time will come when I can fully commit to my art. As this is who I am and it will never leave me.

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